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DFAC – Delta Foxtrot Aviation Consulting

Aviation Consulting; Manager and Gestional Consultancy

Delta Foxtrot Aviation Consulting, is the first reality in the Aviation Consulting sector operating in Sardinia since 1st November 2011. From 1 March 2021, all activity, brand and social was gove up to SC Consulting.
We provide services throughout Italy and Europe.

Delta Foxtrot Aviation Consulting mainly deals with Aviation Consulting,  Technical Consulting and Office Technical Consultancy and Expert of the Civil and Criminal Court. We also provide consultancy services also outside the aeronautical context, professional training and updating services, editorial activities.

Services provided:

Aviation Consulting.

CTP –  Technical Expert of part (Civil, Criminal, Military).

CTU – Technical Expert for the Office of the Civil and Criminal Court.

Aviation Expert of the Civil and Criminal Court.

Technical Expert of the Criminal Military Court of Rome and Verona.

Technical Investigator and Defensive Investigator L.397 / 2000 and Art.327 / 3 bis cpp

Investigative Consultant – Judicial Police Auxiliary Art.348 / 4 of the Italian Criminal Code

Entrepreneurial and Corporate Consultant.

Human Factor Facilitator and case study.

Business Consulting.

Management Consulting, Human Resources.

Personnel recruiter and recruiter.

Training and Professional updating courses.

Aeronautical Culture Courses.

Consulting for the study and creation of airfields, helipads, heliports.

Consultancy for the study and implementation of airport business plans.

Business consultancy on the development and implementation of services

Consulting on reorganization and development of aeronautical company services

Fleet and crew management A.G.

Edition of paper and digital Aeronautical Manuals, other editorial articles.

Consulting, Training and Updating Courses and many other services outside the aeronautical context.

… Much more.

Services provided in collaboration with certified companies.

Aeronautical medicine. (AME doctor – release / renewal of aeronautical certificates)

Aerial work. Towing banners or advertising panels, aerial photography, environmental surveillance, paratrooper launches, towing gliders.

Corporate air transport services.


Register of Experts and Experts at the Chamber of Commerce of Sassari at No. 466; Maritime, Air and Inland Navigation Activities, Aeronautics Sub Category: Navigation Conduct, Equipment and Aircraft Operations.

CTU Register Technical Consultant of the Office of the Judge, at the Civil and Criminal Court of Sassari at No. 3; Aeronautics expert.

Register of Experts of the Judge, at the Civil and Criminal Court of Sassari at No. 71, Miscellaneous Category as an Aeronautics Expert.

Aviation Consultant Accredited at:

commissione-europea-logo-150x150       ONUMinistero-della-Giustizia

download-Copia-Copia-150x150      difesaù tribunale Militare

Activity accredited at:


Accredited to the provision of Consulting services at the following Airports:

BOLOGNA airport; GENOA; TUSCANY-AIRPORTS (Pisa-Florence); SAVE (Venice-Treviso); Alghero (SOGEAAL), Olbia (GEASAR), Cagliari (SOGAER),

National Association of Public and Private Security Experts:

Investigation-Forensic Aeronautical Technical Consultant



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Mob. +39-340.3951005 (ITA/ENG)



PEC: dfaviationconsulting@pec.it